Reaching your true potential

Reaching your true potential. Discovering who you really are. Manifesting your desires. Living in abundance. Finding happiness along the way… I could continue like this forever. Read the book, bought the t-shirt. Sincerely enjoy reading all of this. Yet only recently did I find out there is in fact truth in these words. There is a logical sequence to all the phrases. And the lessons make sense in the proper sequence. Better still, it really can happen, happiness around the corner.

The journey to spiritual awakening and fulfilment is a personal one. I find it hard to believe that there would be a special prescription, a golden path to take or even a shortcut to get there faster. Each and every human experience is different. I hope you find inspiration in mine.

Just be

We are all too often busy doing things. Learning new stuff. Getting to the next level. Almost there. We are continuously becoming something else. Or doing our best to be an even better version of ourselves. Whatever you name it. This notion implies that we are not enough at the present moment. We run past ourselves without noticing.

Or when we find the need to label ourselves. To define ourselves to the outside world. Our status. Our expressions. While in fact we just are. I am. I exist. I am here and now. This awareness arises mainly during meditation. The pure moment of just being. What are you? Who are you? I am.

Daily meditation

I enjoy meditating. Ideally you would make this part of your daily routine. Take time each day to unwind in calm and quietness. Let the thoughts flow softly. Turn inwards to observe your breath and how your body feels.

Personally I love sharing my daily meditation routine with my children. We have grown very fond of Deepak Chopra. He has this amazing meditation app for children : My Light Shines Bright. It is quality time with my children and with myself. Warmly recommended !

Peace of mind

This probably means something different to each individual. But to me it means not fretting about pet peeves. Not gossiping (this is a tough one, I do like to tongue wag). No negative thoughts (the cup half full). Not judging people (also hard as I tend to think I’m always right). It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed at first. You’re not Mother Theresa. And you haven’t failed if you coloured out of the lines. The intention was there in the morning. And when you reflect upon your day at night, during your bedtime meditation session, just make a note of where you can improve. The voyage of a thousand miles starts with just one step.

It is time for change

Want more from life? Less stress, more meaningful moments. Less worry, more bliss. If you keep doing the same things but expect different results… that would translate into pure madness. Change your mind, change your life. Join me on my journey. Start your own. Have fun!



The wisdom to be found in uncertainty, is what frees us from the past, from our conditioning. When we step into the unknown, we allow the creative mind of the universe to orchestrate the dance steps of our life.

I can apply detachment in several ways in my life and make it work for me. In order to obtain whatever I want, I have to let go of my attachment. This means that I keep my desires burning, but I give up holding on to focussing on the result, the final outcome. I am confident that the universe will grant me what I wish for.

Anything I want I can achieve through detachment. Because when I am confident that I will have what I desire, I stop holding. I let go and allow the universe to unfold before my eyes. I allow the universe and those around me to create.

I participate spontaneously in life with joy and laughter. This is how I experience detached involvement. I experience life effortlessly. My life is easy. I can have everything I want and when I want it. With least effort.

When I am grounded in uncertainty I have the freedom to create anything I want in life. Security can never come from money alone. My feeling of security also tends to hold on to the past.

Uncertainty is fertile ground in life, with endless possibilities, unlimited potentiality. As I step into the unknown, I enter the field of all possibilities. Every day I am excited at what might occur out of all the possibilities for that day. When I feel uncertain, it means I am on the right path. As long as I continue setting my goals, I can follow the direction of my path. I am open to change direction if I find a higher ideal to pursue.

Every problem is an opportunity with a greater benefit. When I trust in life, I am confident that a solution with spontaneously appear. The perfect recipe for success is being prepared and allowing opportunity to come together.

I commit myself to living with detachment. Every day I will experience the fun, magic, adventure and mystery of life.


Intention and desire

Intention and desire already hold the notion of fulfilment. I can tap into the infinite organizing power of the universe and put this to work for me. Energy and information exist everywhere in nature. This energy field is influenced by all intentions and all desires. The whole universe is made up of the continuous movement of this energy and information. In turn, we are all made up of this same energy and information.

As humans we are aware of the energy and information contents of our body. This expresses itself in the form of our emotions and feelings. I am able to consciously change my body and manifest my desires by directing my attention and my intention. Attention energizes us and intention transforms us.

Whatever I put my intention on will transform itself in my life. Intention organizes it’s own fulfilment.  It orchestrates infinite events brought about by my intention alone. Intention lays the groundwork for the effortless flow of energy. A word of caution however : I must use this power for the benefit of mankind.

Intention is the real power behind desire. Intent is not attached to the outcome. My intent is for the future, my attention is in the present. The future is created in the present. I notice how all obstacles fall away in my path. I can create anything i desire. Intention generates it’s own power.

  • make a list of all things you desire
  • let go and trust that the universe will do what is needed to bring your desires to you
  • if you don’t get what you desire, there is a good reason for this
  • be fully present and aware of the present moment
  • manifest the future by your most intimate intentions


The path of least resistance

Isn’t it great to abandon ourselves to carefree spontaneity. This is where we can fulfil our desires. We shouldn’t try, we should just do. Trying already holds the notion of failure. Do less and accomplish more… First the idea, the desire… And then the dream manifests.

We have been taught from our judeo-christian culture that we need to work hard. That we need to deserve good things. We can only gain abundance by chasing happiness and pursuing money and other monetary values. Yet love is left out of this equation. Unlimited health is priceless.

When you seek approval of others, you are wasting energy.

Harness the forces of the universe

  1. Acceptance : accept yourself just the way you are. Accept everyone around you, as you cannot change them. Remove the burden of judgement. This moment is as it should be, because the universe is as it should be.
  2. Responsibility : take responsibility for your actions. Stop blaming other people. Stop playing the victim. Respond from creativity, not reactivity.
  3. Defenselessness : relinquish need to defend your point of view. Give up being right. If everybody thinks they are right, then why is everybody wrong?

Don’t stand rigid like the oak in the storm, but bend like the soft grass in the wind.

The path of least resistance means going with the flow. This is what “letting go” means. Know what you want. Dream the dream. Then release the dream to the universe and trust that all things good will come your way. Do nothing, accomplish everything.

— The universe (here and now)

Karma, you reap what you sow

Karma is about what we do in this lifetime and how it all comes back to us eventually. Energy is forever flowing. If we are aware at every moment, if we are clear on all actions we make, and the far reaching consequences of each action. It is one thing to want immediate gratification. Better is to first be quiet within ourselves and wonder what the consequences will be of each decision. Sometimes we want something so bad right now. When we think about it a little more in depth, we’ll notice that the immediate gratification might not be worth the eventual future outcomes. That’s karma.

All your actions should be filled with a win-win thought. You want what is best for yourself. Of course. But will your decision impact others as well ? And is it in the benefit of others and the higher good of all ? If you can answer yes, then by all means go ahead and do ! If not, you should reconsider what it is you want to do. A decision for which you know it will have a negative impact on somebody else, is by definition a bad decision. It will come back to bite you later.

Finally, I believe the body is a good indicator to help you make your decisions. If a decision feels wrong, it probably is wrong. Listen to your heart, but let your head lead the way. Sometimes the heart is blind, especially in love. Your heart knows where you want to go. Your head will lead the way. Don’t mistake the feeling of fear for being the same as your gut instinct or your heart’s desire.


That’s my 2 cents of wisdom for today.

Giving freely

When we think about giving, we are also receiving. If I give you a present, you give me the opportunity to make you happy. Giving can happen freely when the other is open to receiving. Giving doesn’t always have to be material things. It can also be in the form of help, a smile, a kiss, a drawing, a prayer.

Giving and receiving is a two way street. The energy flows freely from the giver to the receiver and vice versa. The process is one of energy circulating freely. In the same way, when we think of affluence, again this energy is flowing freely. The word affluence actually literally means to flow.

So affluence is the expression of the universe to let abundance flow freely. Abundance must circulate. To live in affluence, you must know how to spend your money. A healthy economy is one where people exchange goods and services in an easy manner.

An example. In an economy where affluence flows freely, there is enough money to spend in the local restaurant. Thanks to this, the local restaurant owner can hire extra staff. The staff is probably also from the local community. The staff in turn will ask their handy neighbour to fix their fence for an agreed upon price. And with this money, the neighbour can in turn treat his family to a meal at the local restaurant. A simplistic example. But it illustrates the point well.

When we give, it is important we do it unconditionally from the heart. No strings attached. We all know it is good manners to bring a gift whenever we are visiting friends. We received an invitation and in return we bring a gift to thank our hosts for their hospitality.

If you practise the art of giving and receiving in your daily life, you will notice that you will be receiving wherever you go. When we are filled with love, we are generous.

In search of spirituality

What I am talking about here is the inner journey. The questions all human beings ask themselves in lonely moments. The time of suffering which helps us grow. The need to feel that there is more to the world than just this.

It is essential in life to discover your own secret garden. And once discovered, to cultivate it, to treasure it, to enjoy it and to keep coming back to make your experience richer.

It’s a way of life. A philosophy. A set of principles to adhere to. It’s about having pride and self-respect. A notion of purpose in life, a direction, having made a difference. About accepting who you are right now, understanding what is missing and setting goals to achieve your ambitions.

But it’s also about humility. You’re insignificant in the eyes of the universe. Nobody cares about what you dreamt last night. It doesn’t matter. Tomorrow is another day.

And it’s all about positive thinking, believing in abundance. It isn’t wrong to want more. It’s good and healthy. And on the other hand, there is no such thing as good and bad. The only real thing is the consequences of your actions. And your intentions, which flow from your deepest thoughts and fill the universe. The dreams you have at night which code and program your behaviour during the waking day.

What do you believe in ? Do you believe in you ? In me ? I do.

So many questions. I will start out this journey holding on to a red thread of Ariadne. Going into the maze of the Minotaur. In my next post, I will explore the power of symbolism and the many domains it touches in your life.