Reaching your true potential

Reaching your true potential. Discovering who you really are. Manifesting your desires. Living in abundance. Finding happiness along the way… I could continue like this forever. Read the book, bought the t-shirt. Sincerely enjoy reading all of this. Yet only recently did I find out there is in fact truth in these words. There is a logical sequence to all the phrases. And the lessons make sense in the proper sequence. Better still, it really can happen, happiness around the corner.

The journey to spiritual awakening and fulfilment is a personal one. I find it hard to believe that there would be a special prescription, a golden path to take or even a shortcut to get there faster. Each and every human experience is different. I hope you find inspiration in mine.

Just be

We are all too often busy doing things. Learning new stuff. Getting to the next level. Almost there. We are continuously becoming something else. Or doing our best to be an even better version of ourselves. Whatever you name it. This notion implies that we are not enough at the present moment. We run past ourselves without noticing.

Or when we find the need to label ourselves. To define ourselves to the outside world. Our status. Our expressions. While in fact we just are. I am. I exist. I am here and now. This awareness arises mainly during meditation. The pure moment of just being. What are you? Who are you? I am.

Daily meditation

I enjoy meditating. Ideally you would make this part of your daily routine. Take time each day to unwind in calm and quietness. Let the thoughts flow softly. Turn inwards to observe your breath and how your body feels.

Personally I love sharing my daily meditation routine with my children. We have grown very fond of Deepak Chopra. He has this amazing meditation app for children : My Light Shines Bright. It is quality time with my children and with myself. Warmly recommended !

Peace of mind

This probably means something different to each individual. But to me it means not fretting about pet peeves. Not gossiping (this is a tough one, I do like to tongue wag). No negative thoughts (the cup half full). Not judging people (also hard as I tend to think I’m always right). It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed at first. You’re not Mother Theresa. And you haven’t failed if you coloured out of the lines. The intention was there in the morning. And when you reflect upon your day at night, during your bedtime meditation session, just make a note of where you can improve. The voyage of a thousand miles starts with just one step.

It is time for change

Want more from life? Less stress, more meaningful moments. Less worry, more bliss. If you keep doing the same things but expect different results… that would translate into pure madness. Change your mind, change your life. Join me on my journey. Start your own. Have fun!


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