Giving freely

When we think about giving, we are also receiving. If I give you a present, you give me the opportunity to make you happy. Giving can happen freely when the other is open to receiving. Giving doesn’t always have to be┬ámaterial things. It can also be in the form of help, a smile, a kiss, a drawing, a prayer.

Giving and receiving is a two way street. The energy flows freely from the giver to the receiver and vice versa. The process is one of energy circulating freely. In the same way, when we think of affluence, again this energy is flowing freely. The word affluence actually literally means to flow.

So affluence is the expression of the universe to let abundance flow freely. Abundance must circulate. To live in affluence, you must know how to spend your money. A healthy economy is one where people exchange goods and services in an easy manner.

An example. In an economy where affluence flows freely, there is enough money to spend in the local restaurant. Thanks to this, the local restaurant owner can hire extra staff. The staff is probably also from the local community. The staff in turn will ask their handy neighbour to fix their fence for an agreed upon price. And with this money, the neighbour can in turn treat his family to a meal at the local restaurant. A simplistic example. But it illustrates the point well.

When we give, it is important we do it unconditionally from the heart. No strings attached. We all know it is good manners to bring a gift whenever we are visiting friends. We received an invitation and in return we bring a gift to thank our hosts for their hospitality.

If you practise the art of giving and receiving in your daily life, you will notice that you will be receiving wherever you go. When we are filled with love, we are generous.


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