The path of least resistance

Isn’t it great to abandon ourselves to carefree spontaneity. This is where we can fulfil our desires. We shouldn’t try, we should just do. Trying already holds the notion of failure. Do less and accomplish more… First the idea, the desire… And then the dream manifests.

We have been taught from our judeo-christian culture that we need to work hard. That we need to deserve good things. We can only gain abundance by chasing happiness and pursuing money and other monetary values. Yet love is left out of this equation. Unlimited health is priceless.

When you seek approval of others, you are wasting energy.

Harness the forces of the universe

  1. Acceptance : accept yourself just the way you are. Accept everyone around you, as you cannot change them. Remove the burden of judgement. This moment is as it should be, because the universe is as it should be.
  2. Responsibility : take responsibility for your actions. Stop blaming other people. Stop playing the victim. Respond from creativity, not reactivity.
  3. Defenselessness : relinquish need to defend your point of view. Give up being right. If everybody thinks they are right, then why is everybody wrong?

Don’t stand rigid like the oak in the storm, but bend like the soft grass in the wind.

The path of least resistance means going with the flow. This is what “letting go” means. Know what you want. Dream the dream. Then release the dream to the universe and trust that all things good will come your way. Do nothing, accomplish everything.

— The universe (here and now)


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