Intention and desire

Intention and desire already hold the notion of fulfilment. I can tap into the infinite organizing power of the universe and put this to work for me. Energy and information exist everywhere in nature. This energy field is influenced by all intentions and all desires. The whole universe is made up of the continuous movement of this energy and information. In turn, we are all made up of this same energy and information.

As humans we are aware of the energy and information contents of our body. This expresses itself in the form of our emotions and feelings. I am able to consciously change my body and manifest my desires by directing my attention and my intention. Attention energizes us and intention transforms us.

Whatever I put my intention on will transform itself in my life. Intention organizes it’s own fulfilment.  It orchestrates infinite events brought about by my intention alone. Intention lays the groundwork for the effortless flow of energy. A word of caution however : I must use this power for the benefit of mankind.

Intention is the real power behind desire. Intent is not attached to the outcome. My intent is for the future, my attention is in the present. The future is created in the present. I notice how all obstacles fall away in my path. I can create anything i desire. Intention generates it’s own power.

  • make a list of all things you desire
  • let go and trust that the universe will do what is needed to bring your desires to you
  • if you don’t get what you desire, there is a good reason for this
  • be fully present and aware of the present moment
  • manifest the future by your most intimate intentions



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