The wisdom to be found in uncertainty, is what frees us from the past, from our conditioning. When we step into the unknown, we allow the creative mind of the universe to orchestrate the dance steps of our life.

I can apply detachment in several ways in my life and make it work for me. In order to obtain whatever I want, I have to let go of my attachment. This means that I keep my desires burning, but I give up holding on to focussing on the result, the final outcome. I am confident that the universe will grant me what I wish for.

Anything I want I can achieve through detachment. Because when I am confident that I will have what I desire, I stop holding. I let go and allow the universe to unfold before my eyes. I allow the universe and those around me to create.

I participate spontaneously in life with joy and laughter. This is how I experience detached involvement. I experience life effortlessly. My life is easy. I can have everything I want and when I want it. With least effort.

When I am grounded in uncertainty I have the freedom to create anything I want in life. Security can never come from money alone. My feeling of security also tends to hold on to the past.

Uncertainty is fertile ground in life, with endless possibilities, unlimited potentiality. As I step into the unknown, I enter the field of all possibilities. Every day I am excited at what might occur out of all the possibilities for that day. When I feel uncertain, it means I am on the right path. As long as I continue setting my goals, I can follow the direction of my path. I am open to change direction if I find a higher ideal to pursue.

Every problem is an opportunity with a greater benefit. When I trust in life, I am confident that a solution with spontaneously appear. The perfect recipe for success is being prepared and allowing opportunity to come together.

I commit myself to living with detachment. Every day I will experience the fun, magic, adventure and mystery of life.



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