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Karma, you reap what you sow

Karma is about what we do in this lifetime and how it all comes back to us eventually. Energy is forever flowing. If we are aware at every moment, if we are clear on all actions we make, and the far reaching consequences of each action. It is one thing to want immediate gratification. Better is to first be quiet within ourselves and wonder what the consequences will be of each decision. Sometimes we want something so bad right now. When we think about it a little more in depth, we’ll notice that the immediate gratification might not be worth the eventual future outcomes. That’s karma.

All your actions should be filled with a win-win thought. You want what is best for yourself. Of course. But will your decision impact others as well ? And is it in the benefit of others and the higher good of all ? If you can answer yes, then by all means go ahead and do ! If not, you should reconsider what it is you want to do. A decision for which you know it will have a negative impact on somebody else, is by definition a bad decision. It will come back to bite you later.

Finally, I believe the body is a good indicator to help you make your decisions. If a decision feels wrong, it probably is wrong. Listen to your heart, but let your head lead the way. Sometimes the heart is blind, especially in love. Your heart knows where you want to go. Your head will lead the way. Don’t mistake the feeling of fear for being the same as your gut instinct or your heart’s desire.


That’s my 2 cents of wisdom for today.